What is Peacemeal?

Peace – following the Hebrew concept of shalom – means wholeness, harmony, integratedness and wellbeing, throughout humanity and with wild nature. It always begins with us. For shalom-peace to be present all physical needs must be met, along with justice in all relationships and integrity in our personal character. This is the peace the Peacemeal seeks to nurture and share.

Meals mean food: food that nourishes our bodies, but also our relationship with others. Shared food comes from a generous heart. It draws an open circle of friendship that includes others. It says, “Please come and be part of this. You matter”.

Peacemeal is inspired by the ‘table-example’ of Jesus. Who showed that sharing food created space, where those wishing to follow him, as well as those of different faiths or no faith, were all equally welcomed, honoured and respected. A place to discuss, debate, listen and learn. Somewhere to laugh, sing and even dance sometimes; yet also to share concerns, to cry or be angry about things together. A focus for reflection, silence, meditation and prayer, each engaging with what is deep and true for us personally. Space children really enjoy. A base from which to feed people who are hungry, to work for reconciliation and healing, and also connect with wild nature.

Peacemeal is about turning the tables on injustice, greed, violence, selfishness and hate. Peacemeal is about setting the table for community, inclusion, forgiveness, acceptance, love, justice and joy. Peacemeal is about changing the world.

Any meal that has the clear intention of creating the space for something liberating and life-giving to take place, and raises the expectation for this to happen, is a Peacemeal. Read other people’s Peacemeal stories on this website and be inspired. What will the first Peacemeal you host be like? Please tell us about it!