Peace Conference

The following Peace Conference timetabled for May 9th will no longer take place at the Prior Rooms, Birmingham. Plans are being put in place to run this conference online and will include the following:

Nonviolence—Does it really work?

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A day conference organised by Central England Area Meeting Peace Committee, The Peace Hub and Jai Jagat 2020 UK.

Aim of the day:  to explore the spiritual aims and practice of nonviolence, demonstrate its practicality when there is conflict, and consider its relationship to public protest, especially in connection with climate justice.

                        Welcome. Short silence.  Introduction to the day.

                        Talk:  Ekta Parishad, Jai Jagat 2020 and the Gandhian legacy of nonviolence,  Co-ordinator from Jai Jagat 2020


Interview:  Quaker links to Nonviolent direct action:  what are its aims and boundaries?  Leading into general discussion.
Ian Bray, a member of Huddersfield Quaker Meeting and a founder-member of Extinction Rebellion.

                        Seminars on understanding nonviolence
Using chat rooms


                        Seminars on practicing nonviolence:
Using chat rooms

Discussion:  What lessons can we use from the Jai Jagat 2020 programme and the COVID – 19 pandemic?